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Here's the bit where I tell you why I take pictures...


Hello. I'm Katherine, I am based in Shoreditch.

After training as an actor I went back to study photography in 2015.  I try to catch those delicate moments that slip away and get forgotten. Whether they are sad, beautiful, moving, tender, thought provoking, insignificant- sometimes these moments can be more important and beautiful than we realise.


I take pictures of people's heads too! This was really a natural progression. I work as an actress primarily and have many friends who need headshots. I started doing headshots for friends for free, and then for friends of friends and now I get to do it as a job and meet new people! It's an utter joy. I love working with different people and I pride myself on being a good communicator. We can discuss what you need, we can take our time and if you hate having your picture taken- you're in very safe hands.


Laughing and being entertained is pretty awesome and sometimes I get to take pictures of comedians, musicians, shows and events. I enjoy this hugely as I get to creep around an arena taking snaps and always smiling whilst doing so.

I particularly enjoy what I call 'Spy Photography' This is essentially candid Photography or street photography, but I do it wearing a fake mustache and a trench coat. (Please note, I do not wear a fake mustache and a trench coat. This would be terribly conspicuous.)

I'm also an eperienced Retoucher. If you have images that require retouching please drop me a line.


Please take a look at my  Rates




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